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We are working with home services small business owners in new areas to generate leads and engage the community on their behalf. Spots are limited. If you would like to apply, please reach out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pigybak is available throughout the United States and expanding internationally. For a request for your area, please complete the form. We are working to grow our network.

Pigybak is always free to try and we award you free credits each month. You can earn credits by referring friends using your unique QR code.  Check out our home page for a break down of how credits work and buying credits when needed.

That is up to the contractors who set the tiered pricing. We’ve seen it save 10% and sometimes more.

Contractors can expect to save time on lead generation, book more jobs in a day while saving on gas, and reclaim Saturdays doing bids throughout the week while already in an area.

Contractors are required to self-report on whether they are licensed, bonded, or insured. As jobs are completed, the star rating determines if they can stay active. If the average rating drops below 3 stars, we review and determine whether they can remain in the app.

Similarly, contractors have the opportunity to rate homeowners under the same criteria for whether they can remain active in-app.

If there’s an issue or feature request, please send to You may also report directly in app via the side bar.

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